The Philologer's Stone

Fanfiction and fanart by Ruuger

Welcome to Philologer's Stone, the home of my fannish follies since 2004.

Currently, the fandoms represented in my art and fic include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jurassic Park 3, Angel, Babylon 5 and The X-Files.

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Recent Updates

July 19, 2008
New fic: "Question of a Doubt" (XF), "End Notes - Darkest Before Dawn" (BtVS), "Alas, Poor William. I Knew Him Well" (BtVS) and "Breathing Lessons" (AtS). Updated fic: "If Strangers Meet" (AtS/BtVS).
February 27, 2008
New fic: "Through the Looking Glass" (BtVS).
February 16, 2008
New fic: "End Notes - Like Children" (BtVS). Two new manips (BtVS). Updated fic: "If Strangers Meet" (AtS/BtVS)
September 11, 2008
New fic: "One for the Witches" (BtVS). Updated fic: "If Strangers Meet" (AtS/BtVS)
August 21, 2007
Philologer's Stone found a new home at Vox Populli.
New art: Two Babylon 5 wallpapers, three Buffy wallpapers and one X-Files wallpaper. New fic: "World Enough" (Angel), "For a Certain Definition of Hell" (Buffy) and "The Last of the Jedi" (Buffy). Updated fic: "If Strangers Meet" (Angel)

X-Files, Babylon 5, ER, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jurassic Park and all are owned by people other than me. Basically, if you can recognise it, it's not mine. No copyright infringements intended and no money is being made out of the fanfiction or fanart.